About this website

This website shows off the results of three of my hobbies.
The first and probably also the most obvious is IT, which for me includes designing websites. The second is taking and editing photos. And the third is travelling; most photographs on this site are taken while travelling. Check out the photo galleries for more pictures!

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Photo galleries

Photo taken at Punto Tombo (Argentina).

Animals Gallery

32 photos

Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Architecture Gallery

14 photos

Sunset at the Rhine river near Arnhem (Netherlands).

Landscapes Gallery

29 photos

Giza Pyramids (Egypt).

Monuments Gallery

10 photos

Iguazu Falls (Argentina).

Nature Gallery

13 photos

Moscow (Russia).

Various Gallery

5 photos

Contact info

If you wish to contact me, feel free to do so!

E-mail: contact@markgriepsma.nl
Skype: mark.griepsma

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